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Sugar Swagg Mats are available without a professional account! Browse below to add items to your cart, and receive a FREE MINI MAT with ANY large mat purchase!!

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Swagg Mats

Sugar Swagg offers eco friendly choices for the beauty industry with products, equipment and accessories.

Say goodbye to paper table covers and extra laundry. Our durable, reusable Swagg Mats are easy to clean and sanitize. Swagg Mats are Wax and Sugar friendly too!

We also have tips and tricks on how to be conscious in your spas, salons, treatment rooms, classrooms & homes.

All Swagg Mats are packaged in compostable plant cellulose bags as well as a Care Card with instructions on how to care for your Swagg Mat.

When you use a Sugar Swagg Mat you are saving money and helping our planet all while decorating your space!!

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