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a jar of Sugar of the Nile sugar paste

We sell Sugar of the Nile Paste in individual jars, half cases of six or full cases of twelve jars. 

 Our consistent, all natural sugar paste is designed to be heated to body temperature in our professional sugar warmers. Paraben free and not tested on animals. 

Our sugar paste is available in five different consistencies: 

  1. Strip Paste: a thinner paste used with cotton hair removal strips. 
  2. Soft Paste: for the experienced sugar technician – for use on large or cool areas of the body. For practitioners with cooler hands or environment.
  3. Traditional Paste: a standard-consistency paste for most hair removing needs. Stays consistent for larger body areas or moderate climates.
  4. Island Paste: a firmer paste, for use in warmer temperatures and areas. Keeps it’s form for practitioners with warmer hands or warmer environments, also used for training.
  5. Bikini Paste:  our most firm and dry paste used in warmer temperatures. It stays firm in the in the warmest body areas and for the warmest practitioners. 

Sugar Paste (Single Jars)

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