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Let's talk about the Skin Games!

Updated: May 5

Although the Skin Games has been around for several years, this Esthetic Competition was new to me this year! I was intrigued to learn about the opportunity to compete as an esthetician and showcase our esthetic skills on stage and video, in front of spectators and judges. After learning about the Skin Games 2024, Legend Aesthetic and Sugar of the Nile was excited to be a sponsor and attend this event and see what it was all about.

After much anticipation, the date of the event arrived, and we landed in Atlanta! The hotel was stunning and already decorated with the Skin Games red carpet, finalist and judge's pictures all over the place, and the huge Skin Games banner in the lobby. Once we settled into our room, the weekend was a whirlwind of events. After setting up our booth, Thursday night was a fabulous meet and greet where we got to start networking and meeting the vendors and competitors.

A photo of the Sugar Whisperer, Amber Franklin, at the Skin Games 2024
Amber Franklin, the Sugar Whisperer, poses proudly for a photo during her time at this year’s Skin Games

Friday was competition day for the Sugarists, Waxers, Make-up artists and more! The morning flew by, as I was in the 2nd heat and competed in the afternoon. I didn't get to watch the morning competitions as I was at the booth and preparing myself. I was nervous, but once we got started sugaring, everything else faded away and I was super focused on my model, her comfort, and her sugaring experience! The Sugaring competition had 3 parts, lower leg Sugaring (including knee), Brazilian Sugaring, and Face Sugaring (lip and brow). I have to say, my paste performed beautifully. It was consistent throughout the services, even when I started to heat up. My model's hair came out smoothly and her skin was cool to the touch on her legs and only slightly pink after the face and brazilian sugaring. I was thrilled!

Friday night had a ton of events, including Spa Tank, but I was a little tired after the day, so we elected to make it an early night. Saturday had some fabulous panels, including a Hair Removal panel where estheticians could ask the experts in our field questions! So much great advice was given. Everything ended at 3pm so we all had time to go to our rooms and get dressed to the nines for the Award Ceremony that night.

the logos for Sugar of the Nile, Legend Aesthetic, and The Skin Games

I wasn't prepared for the gorgeousness that was unveiled! Everyone was so lovely, and the ballroom was decked out with beautifully dressed tables. We mingled and there were pictures being taken, dancing. It was joyful! The ceremony itself was a triumph of the judges, and winners of all the categories. The whole evening was just so much fun!

On Sunday it was all about education, with all sorts of different education you could choose from. There was also complimentary photography all weekend where you could go for a free headshot. Things wrapped up later in the afternoon, and we were packing up our booth and getting ready to head home.

Skin Games 2024 was an amazing experience unlike any other I've experienced since becoming an esthetician! I encourage every esthetician to go at least once, even if it's as a model or spectator. But getting out there to compete, giving your all, and showing the judges and yourself that you have what it takes to compete is an undeniably incredible experience. Go for it!

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