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How to make over $1600 per jar of Sugar of the Nile Paste!

I get asked all the time how much paste to use for each service and it's so hard to answer because it's subjective. It really depends on the type of hair you are removing, the length of hair, how dry the skin is, and how sensitive the client is. I like to start with a little less paste that I think I need and have my paste just a little firmer than body temperature. I do this because as the paste adjusts to the client's skin and the room temp, I will possibly have to adjust it with a little new paste. By starting with a small amount of paste it helps me to not waste paste by having to add more than I need to adjust it. I also find that when adjusting my paste, it doesn't take very much paste to make it softer, but it takes quite a bit to make it firmer. So, starting with a little firmer paste saves paste in the end.

I also find that keeping my paste on a low setting in the warmer keeps the paste more consistent throughout the life of the jar. Sugar of the Nile jars are made of a firm plastic that evenly transmits the heat of the warmer, so it helps keep your paste consistent to the last little bit of paste. But no paste wants to be heated on high over and over again. It will change the consistency of the paste and possibly crystalize or burn it. So, I keep my paste on the lowest setting that heats it to a workable consistency. I also tend to turn the warmer down as I use the paste and the jar empties. By keeping your paste at a consistent temperature, you will be able to utilize every bit of past in your jar! That is actually why I love our Miratech Warmers. They do a great job keeping the paste at a consistent temperature, and they last almost forever.

a gloved hand picks up sugar paste, ready to apply to a client

I can tell you what paste I generally use for specific services, but another tip is to use what works for you. Don't try to use super soft paste for legs if you are getting stuck the whole time and having to adjust constantly to get your paste firmer. You may have a hotter client, or you may have warmer hands. The atmosphere could be more humid then normal. I live in Seattle, and the humidity range is huge. If you are new to sugaring or warm, it is helpful to use a firmer paste, so you don't start out with super soft paste and immediately get stuck. Remember, those suggestions for what to use each paste for - they are just that, suggestions!

If possible, have your client trim their hair, or if it's allowed by your license board, trim the hair to the length of a grain of long grain rice. Extra hair in the paste is going to cause your paste to be difficult to use and you will need to get more paste to continue the service. In addition, it is important your client exfoliates at least twice a week in between services. You don't want them to exfoliate within 24 to 48 hours of the service, but extra dead skin will be picked up by your paste and will cause it to be gritty, firm and to pick up less hair. This means throwing away your paste when it gets too much hair or dead skin in it and getting a whole new ball of paste.

Another way to use less paste is to use the paste for more than one service. You can sugar a client's eyebrow and then their lip with the same paste. When I sugar a full leg and bikini line, I finish the leg service by using the same paste to do their bikini line. If I'm sugaring a full arm and underarm, I finish the arm service by slightly adjusting my paste if necessary and sugaring the underarm. This also makes the service faster for the client because by cleansing all the areas to be sugared at the beginning, then sugaring continuously without stopping to get new gloves and new paste it doesn't take as long to do the services. NOTE - always get new paste with a clean new glove or a stick!

a professional sugarist applies sugaring paste to a client for hair removal

I always talk about how many services you can get out of a jar of Sugar of the Nile paste, and it's a lot! I can do a minimum 25 Brazilians out of 1 jar, which is less than an ounce of paste per Brazilian. At about $1.00 per ounce, every ounce you save is $1.00. But if you think about how much money the service you don't get to do would generate, it's a different picture. Each Brazilian I do is a minimum of $65.00 income for me. So, if I waste 1 oz of paste, I'm losing $65.00. If you get 1 additional Brazilian out of your jar of paste, you are making an additional $65 to $90 or more! If you get 1 additional brow service, you will make $20 to $35.00 more depending on your pricing.

My client's comfort is always my first priority, so if any of these things causes them extra discomfort, I will always default to making them as comfortable as possible during the services. However, in my practice I use these skills to earn over $1600 per each jar of paste I use. Using smaller amounts of paste to start, starting with slightly firmer paste, keeping my warmer consistent low temperature, and using my paste for additional services on the same client, are all ways to use less paste in your services. In addition, having your clients perform good aftercare, and come in regularly will save you paste and time!

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