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What People Are Saying

Sugar of the Nile fun geometric pattern background
Sugar of the Nile fun geometric pattern background
5 stars

She ensured that each participant received personalized attention.

"I recently had the privilege of participating in a group sugaring instruction led by Amber, and I couldn't be more impressed with her teaching style. From the moment our session began, it was clear that we were in for a rewarding learning experience.

Amber's approach to teaching is truly commendable. Despite having a group of us to attend to, she ensured that each participant received personalized attention. Her patience was remarkable as she took the time to answer questions, address concerns, and provide detailed explanations for every step of the sugaring process.

One of the most valuable aspects of learning from Amber in a group setting was witnessing her practical experience in action. She effortlessly navigated through various scenarios and challenges, offering invaluable insights and solutions along the way. It was evident that she's encountered every possible scenario in sugaring and knows exactly how to guide her students through them.

What truly stood out about Amber's instruction was her unwavering encouragement. Despite the inevitable learning curves we faced as a group, she remained positive and supportive, creating an environment where everyone felt empowered to learn and grow.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a sugaring instructor who is patient, provides detailed instructions, and offers practical experience, look no further than Amber. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Amber, for your exceptional guidance and for empowering us all to master the art of sugaring with confidence and skill."

Claire M – Certified Sugarist

5 stars

“They have stellar educators and cutting edge techniques”

“I have had many classes at Legend Training Center and their classes are excellent. They have stellar educators and cutting edge techniques. I have attended sugar waxing classes, massage classes and ingredients for non-chemist. All of these classes were very informative and I have been able to use the information that I learned at these classes and incorporate into my business.”

Jennifer M – Licensed Aesthetician and Instructor, Oregon

5 stars

“What an amazing class”

“What an amazing class this 75 Hour Laser Class has been for me. The knowledge I have gained has made me into a more confident, successful esthetician! I have been able to impress future employers with everything I’ve learned from Patricia and the doctors. Half way through this program I was hired on as a full time technician at a medical office, preforming laser technology I’ve learned through this class. Thank you to Legend Aesthetics for giving me a brighter, more successful career ahead. ”

Michaela Alexander – Master Aesthetician

5 stars

“Amber has... ensured that I understood and felt comfortable moving forward”

“Amber is an excellent trainer and mentor, I can’t recommend her enough! She has so much knowledge about sugaring, and has helped mold me into the sugarist I am today. Throughout the many trainings I have had with her, Amber has assisted me in troubleshooting, provided constructive feedback, and explained everything so clearly and ensured that I understood and felt comfortable moving forward. Amber’s passion for sugaring radiates when she speaks and I feel confident recommending her to my fellow Estheticians.”

Katherine Matthews - Licensed Aesthetician

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